Winter 2018-19 Programs

Support Groups and Community Events

Hand in Hand: Drop-in Grief Support Group for Spouse/Partner Loss
This group is for older adults who have experienced the death of a spouse or partner over the last two years.

Women’s Divorce Support Group
Intended for women going through the beginning stages of the divorce process, this group covers topics such as self-care and how to manage the challenges of divorce.

Recover from Holiday Spending and Learn to Take Control of Your Money
This workshop will give you the tools and understanding you need to become confident in your ability to manage your money.

LGBTQ & Teen Support Group: Queer Teens Connect
JCFS is formulating a support group to provide a safe and constructive space to explore the issues confronting teens in the context of healthy peer relationships.

Project Esther Hanukkah Bowl
Adoptive and prospective adoptive families are invited to enjoy bowling, socializing, latkes, snacks and more!

Suicide in the Jewish Community: Shining a Light in the Darkness  
(co-sponsored by The Medication Induced Suicide Prevention and Education Foundation in Memory of Steward Dolin [MISSD] and No Shame On U)
Join us to start the conversation about suicide prevention and support in the Jewish community.

Empower:  Helping Older Adults Use Medication Safely
A workshop for older adults, senior care workers, and adult children with aging parents to help identify the signs of medication misuse.

Operation Snowball
Planned and led by teens for teens, Operation Snowball is a fun, intensive yearly weekend retreat that helps participants develop confidence, purpose, and leadership skills.

Tuned In
Join us for Tuned In: The Larry Dobkin Event, the 12th Annual Benefit for Response Center. Proceeds support the counseling, prevention programs, leadership activities and sexual health services that Response Center provides to over 12,000 teens and their families each year.

Counseling and Psychological Services

We provide counseling services and psychological testing to understand learning differences, cognitive, emotional and other mental health disorders. Our expert therapists offer guidance to help children, teens and adults find solutions to the challenges they face.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with JCFS and make a positive change in your community. Opportunities are available for individuals, groups and families.


How to Rebound from Job Loss During the Holidays
It’s hard to imagine losing your job during the holidays, but if it happens there are plenty of ways to come out on the positive end.

Getting Through the Holidays During Divorce or Separation
When a family is going through a divorce, everything changes, including the comfortable tradition of how they spend the holidays.

Plan for a Soulful Balanced and Financially Sane Holiday Season
Having a plan for the holidays means understanding and being clear about your expectations and coming up with a balanced approach to spending your time, energy and money.

Tips for Traveling with Young Children During the Holidays
Even the most well-behaved child may have difficulty managing his behaviors and emotions during this time of year.

Turning to Spirituality to Overcome Winter Depression
What does winter bring for those that feel depressed and isolated or are experiencing grief, a serious disability or terminal illness? 

Helping Children Cope with Tragedy
There is no way to shield children from the emotional pain or fear that they face in times like this. What you can do is learn about signs which may signal distress in your child and respond by offering tools to help them manage the anxiety that they are experiencing.